Best Thing You Can Say to A Woman

Many guys don’t know what to say to women.

I’d say that this is one of the biggest problems that guys THINK they have…

(And I’ll explain later why it’s only what they THINK)

It’s funny – women don’t understand this.

They tend to think it’s absurd that a guy would be stumped as to what to say.

In fact, when I tell women that guys get nervous approaching them, THEY DON’T BELIEVE ME!


Let me ask you a question.

Do you think about what to say when you’re with friends?

Here’s another question – do you have trouble making conversation with people that don’t have anything you want?

Think hard…do you ever get nervous when you are talking to someone that doesn’t matter to you?

I think this is the real issue. As soon as you want something from someone, you get nervous, and this leads to getting “stumped.”

It’s a weird problem

I think society is partially to blame. You see, most guys think that a woman’s sex at login is more valuable than his sex.

This is based on two myths.

Myth number 1:

Women are less horny than men.

I know this to be a complete illusion, and yet women play into it (until you get them into bed đŸ˜‰

Myth number 2:

The way to make a woman want to sleep with you is to say the right things in conversation.

I remember reading Voltaire in my high school English class. He had this famous quote – something along the lines of:
“if I can talk away my ugly face, I can sleep with any woman in the world” or something to that effect.

Guess what…


Voltaire was the exception – in fact, it’s so extremely rare that a guy has the ability to say JUST THE RIGHT THING to make a woman feel attracted to him.

Usually it’s something else. Which begs the question”

How do regular guys get laid?

We all know there are certain guys who are just like any regular joe, except they sleep with tons of women.

What are they doing?

In my experience, attraction is about something beyond words.

So what is more attractive than clever words?

Well let me ask you this:


Let me put it another way.

Can you create the ‘feeling sex gives her’ JUST BY TALKING?

No, of course not. Only actual sex can do that.

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