How To Impress A Girl

There is a huge amount of advice in books and articles about how to impress a girl and there are some well founded methods. The aim of this article is to give the context in which these methods should be applied.

The idea that a date is a mission whereby you must meet certain criteria to achieve an objective is really part of the problem. Its not possible to be natural on a date if you spend the whole time constantly assessing your performance, the situation becomes like a job interview only worse. So the most fundamental advice on how to impress a girl is to be as natural as possible on your first date.

Don’t feel that you have to be talking all the time, in fact don’t feel that you HAVE to be doing anything, then you will find it easier to relax and enjoy it. At the end of the day you are looking for someone who suits YOU, setting out to suit someone else by not being yourself is a sign of low self esteem and provides no basis for confidence but don’t of course go to another extreme and impose a highly critical checklist upon the girl.

Go with the flow. If you’re not true to yourself and present a facade on your first date with the girl you met on adultfrienedfinder you are wasting your time because the relationship will be based on that facade and it will become harder and harder for you to maintain it. When considering how to impress a girl, your listening skills are very important. If you stop monitoring yourself it will also be easier to take in and respond appropriately to what the girl is saying and so naturally build up a rapport.

Following a strict set of rules in a How to Impress a Girl instruction manual is not always appropriate and can limit your options. Following some of the advice might even have the opposite effect for example, if she’s not like the girls targeted in the how-to-impress-a-girl manual you may gross her out when you were actually trying to intrigue her.

A few other basics: smile, use your sense of humour, take care over your presentation (breath, teeth, shave, smell good). It helps if you have varied interests. Find the time for hobbies and recreational activities, the more interests you have, the more interesting you become.

The advice in this little article provides a base for further reading on how to impress a girl. That base is about being confident and relaxed but not over confident and over relaxed. A little bit of nervousness can be useful in this regard. Don’t feel under pressure to succeed and don’t attach your self-esteem to success or failure. If you are confident and relaxed but things don’t work out then she was no good for you anyway.

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