Relationship Stages

Knowing the relationship stages is very important since it is necessary to spend adequate time in each building attraction, comfort, and trust. Not being aware of these things are what leads to a relationship “moving too fast” or “moving too slow”. While there is no actual minimum or maximum time for each, it is important to make sure that attraction, comfort, and trust are built.

1. The Initial Interaction – First impressions on adultfriendrfinder are very important. Studies say that within the first thirty seconds of meeting someone, you pass judgement on whether you like them or not. Regardless of the situation, be confident and sure of yourself and portray how great of a guy you really are. Especially if you are interested in the girl, it is time to begin creating attraction through touch and displaying your admirable personality. At this stage the foundation for attraction should be built and the girl should begin to feel comfortable around you.

2. The First Date – Follow the previously mentioned advice, except now there should be a stronger focus on comfort and getting to know the person you are with. Is she into you? Do your personalities click? Would you enjoy seeing her again? Create a warm, light-hearted, fun, and exciting environment and you will further build upon the attraction and finish the foundation of comfort. At this stage, the frequency of dates should probably be around once or twice a week.

3. The Relationship – When time comes around for the relationship, both of you should be strongly attracted to each other and comfortable together. At this point it is important to build trust. In a relationship, each person must be secure about their partner and trust them to make the right decisions and to stay faithful. Should attraction, comfort, and trust be adequately built, then it is likely a healthy relationship will be created. Despite this, it is important to still give your partner room and space, allowing them to still maintain old friendships and create new ones. The frequency should be anywhere from 1-2 times a week or more, but not so much that it becomes overbearing.

4. The Long-Term Relationship – After what may be months or years, the relationship will start to become more serious. You know your partner very will and at this point you each trust each other. Once attraction, comfort, and trust have fully been built upon, the relationship can reach the final levels such as moving in together or eventually marriage. Trust and comfort become even more important at this point, since you are more vulnerable to the actions of your other partner. It is very important to keep in mind that attraction is still necessary, as is giving your partner the appropriate space they need. You can spice up your marriage using best thrusting vibrator.

Follow this advice and ensure that you follow the relationship stages for a healthy and strong relationship. Remember that it is necessary to build attraction, comfort, and trust throughout these relationship stages in order to increase the likelihood the relationship succeeds.

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