What You Should Know When You Want To Date Your Boss

It is said that love is blind and sometimes it can make you blind enough to throw away all the cautions and make you fall in love with your boss. Many would see such a situation as getting trapped between the devil and the deep sea. At first the situation may seem hopeless but a little bit of caution and special consideration could make the relationship healthy and very functional. So if you want to know how to date your boss read on and see if you can take a leaf or two from the content below:

  • First thing to remember is that it is perfectly natural to get attracted toward people at work because you spend a major part of your day together. But at the same time you have to be very careful when you make the first move towards asking your boss out on a date. Before asking you boss out carefully analyze and don’t mistake a casual friendship for a hot prospective affair unless and until you get a clear signal from your partner. As seen on adultfrinendfinder there are few encouraging words, an appreciative pat on your back should never be confused for an attraction. So to understand the true feeling of your boss go out on a casual lunch date or go on a movie dates to read all the signs carefully.
  • With this comes the second advice, never pursue your relationship with the boss at the office lest it may prove your nemesis. It may come under scrutiny from other employees in the organization making your relationship the hot topic of discussion in office and possibly forcing you and your partner to break off a fledgling relationship which could have matured given sufficient time. Also have a look at your company’s policy regarding dating your colleagues and if it is prohibited then think twice before dating your boss as it may attract a possible harsh action from the management.
  • Rule number three of dating your boss, be professional at all times and never treat your Boss as any different from other co-workers. Don’t give a chance for others to speculate on your relationship else your co-workers would think you are receiving special treatment in the workplace at it can create unnecessary troubles at office. It is always advisable to take care of your relationship after the office hours and not indulge in any romantic gestures when on job.
  • It is essential to take out time for yourself even when you are dating your boss. This is essential because spending too much time together both during and after the office hours may make your relationship monotonous and can phase it out prematurely. Therefore a balanced approach is essential so that you and your partner don’t get bored of each other.

Lastly it is pertinent to remember that since you are dating your boss both the gains and the repercussions may be inordinately huge. If your relationship may hit a roadblock he may be tempted to take revenge on you and might make your professional life hell, which can cost you promotions and sometimes even your job. On the other hand if you see a prospective partner in your boss and if you both are single and available go for it rather than rue the missed chances later.

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