Women Can Break The Ice And Take The Lead In Asking A Shy Guy Out

How to Get A Shy Guy To Ask You Out? It is a million dollar question lingering in any woman’s mind. It is indeed a different ball game altogether that demands patience and perseverance. Do bear in mind that shy guys are scared to socialize due to low self confidence. They are typically men of few words so do not expect overnight results or passionate conversations on day one itself.

In case you are wracking your nerves on how to get a shy guy to ask you out, remember that a casual conversation and slow approach is all that is needed to break the ice. Do not expect a ready response as these introverted men could be tongue tied in expressing their emotions. Do not be pushy and keep the channels of conversation open to gather his confidence. It is sensible to touch upon interesting topics that are not too personal. Try to find out about his interests and if he is a sports buff, set the ball rolling by talking about the hottest matches in the town to build up a conversation. You would be surprised to note that in no time he would start expressing his ideas openly and confidently as never before.

Alternatively, you can expect unexpectedly fast response with the help Bob Grant’s “The Woman Men Adore… And Never Want To Leave”. In no time you will find the guy kneeing down to propose you no matter how shy he is.

When you feel that a bond of friendship is already set in place you can tread cautiously into his well guarded personal domain to solve the puzzle of how to get a shy guy to ask you out? Why don’t you discuss about his family his hobbies and holiday plans to take the conversation into a personal level? This would help you to get the pulse of his feelings; take a cue from his behavior and drop hints to take your conversation into a much more intimate level. Assure him that he is the Mr. Right in your life that you have been looking out for years together. Hold his hands gently and if his reaction is positive, make intimate eye contact or exchange sweet nothings. Make sure not to cross the thin border line set by these introverted men by making exaggerated movements like bear hugs and kisses as yet as seen in these adultfrinendfinder.com reviews!

Now you can try asking him out and make sure to keep it a private and one-on-one affair. Keep your friends and family away from this meeting as the guy might feel uncomfortable and tensed up in the presence of strangers and the good will you built up would break away in no time. Go for a simple date if he agrees. Avoid crowded places, which he might not like; suggest a movie or a reclusive park at the down town that is far from the hustle and bustle of the city.

A drive-through dinner is a great bet to be together and to share your thoughts over some exotic dine and wine options. Whatever be your choice, make sure to take the guy’s opinion as men are always egoistic and pampering his ego would make half your job done. Make him confident and comfortable where he will opt to open up his mind. The bottom line is that the right approach plays an important role in making or breaking your love life. Cast away all your apprehensions to enjoy a blissful love life.

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